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Celebrities With Strange Trademarks

Celebrities are rich and famous, which comes with more opportunities to cash in even more! We have heard of companies creating trademarks so that nobody steals their names and logos, which makes perfect sense to me. What is a bit more confusing is when people start trademarking their names or phrases. I mean, people use the phrase “rise and shine” all the time, so why does one person own the rights to such a common phrase? Spoiler alert, she’s a billionaire.


Photo by Piers Allardyce, Shutterstock.com / Joe Toth, Shutterstock.com / Source: Shutterstock / Shutterstock

If a singer created their own stage name, then fine. If something is your idea, I believe that you should have ownership over it. On the other hand, I think it’s bizarre when someone trademarks common names that they didn’t come up with. Although some of the strangest trademarks have been approved, it will shock you to see which have been denied. Check out these celebrities who trademarked or tried to trademark the strangest things.