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“Because You Loved Me” – The Incredible Life of Céline Dion

On March 30th, 1968, a star was born in Quebec by the name of Céline Dion. After performing as much as she could during the first ten years of her life, she launched her music career at the age of just 12 years old. She recorded a total of nine albums in her native French language over the next six years before taking a brief hiatus and returning with the aim of breaking into the English-speaking world.


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She certainly managed to do so and has since become a household name around the globe. Her life, however, has been anything but ordinary – and her huge professional success has not come without some significant setbacks in life. Through her difficult childhood to being propelled to fame at a young age, then experiencing the grief of losing loved ones, Céline Dion has proved she is much more than just a famous singer.