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Actors Who Couldn’t Say Goodbye to Their Animal Costars

Animals have a way with us, don’t they? They pull at our heartstrings both in real life and when we see them on the big screen. And don’t even get me started when a dog dies in a movie – it’s just too much to handle. We love seeing our favorite pets in movies, and you know who loves it even more than we do? The actors who costar with them.

These are all actors who starred alongside animals that by the end of the film, they either took them home or wished they did, but couldn’t! Prepare to say “awww” throughout this list.

Elizabeth Taylor and the Horse in ‘National Velvet’

This Horse’s name was King Charles, and he got the career break of a lifetime when he was cast in the movie ‘National Velvet’ in 1944 alongside Elizabeth Taylor. You can say he was a lucky horse. And the young Elizabeth, who was only 11 years old at the time, already knew King Charles.


Source: fanpop.com

Elizabeth had already been acquainted with the horse from her country club. She was actually the one who suggested that he play her horse called Pie in the movie. And as it turns out, he was pretty stubborn onset, and only listened to her.