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Why I Stopped Drinking Regular Coffee and Switched to Buying My Coffee Beans Roasted-To-Order

What I Used to Buy

When you order your coffee from any website that has a bunch of flavors ready for use or just from the food store, you are missing out on some great benefits which come with roasted to order beans. Most of the coffee which you order is sold “aged.” This means that the beans were already roasted when the packages were manufactured and have been sitting around losing their flavor and aroma.


Here is my first cup of the day being brewed in my personal set-up. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out!
Source: Instagram

There is usually a roasted-on date printed on the side of the packages. It could be that the coffee was roasted halfway around the world and sat around for six months before it was even packaged. Basically, it’s stale coffee, and no one likes that. So, I tried out this roasted to order coffee and it changed my life.

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