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Trader Joe’s: The 25 Must-Buys and 25 Must-Nots From Your Favorite Grocery Store

Trader Joe’s is definitely one of America’s favorite grocery stores. The chain carries all kinds of products, from food to moisturizer to vitamins. People enjoy shopping at Trader Joe’s because they have a wide variety of their own products and it’s a lot cheaper than the other health food chains like Whole Foods.

If you happen to shop at Trader Joe’s or want to start, here are some products you should know about. We have a list of must-have items that are a really great bang for your buck as well as a list of products that are better left not purchased. Curious to know what they are?

We’ll start with the must-buy products!

#1 Frozen Naan


Source: eatingatjoes.com

This Indian bread is an awesome versatile food that goes really well with all kinds of meals and snacks. Don’t think you can only eat naan with traditional Indian food. Frozen naan is a great thing to have in your freezer for you to take out and defrost whenever you need. You also won’t find it at any Indian grocery store.