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For the Foodies and History-Lovers Alike: These are the World’s Oldest Dishes

Roasted Barley and Herbs: Since 8000 BC

This recipe for roasted barley and herbs is likely the oldest food recipe that we know of today. It was discovered on one of the Yale Babylonian tablets. The main ingredient of this antique recipe is barley, which is a popular cereal grain that’s grown in moderate climates. It is actually one of the first-ever farmed grains that go as far back as 10,000 years ago.


Source: Pinterest

Barley is so diverse that it is still a trusty staple of many kitchens across the world. But this ancient recipe calls for something people today simply don’t use. The tablet’s recipe wrote down the need to add two tablespoons of blood, politely adding ‘if available.’ What kind of blood and from whom? That’s unknown. We can only hope that it wasn’t human. Either way, the barley is cooked like a risotto. Yum!