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Cheat Sheet: Your Guide for Picking the Perfect Fruit Every Time

If you’ve ever picked a bad apple, then you’ll know the fruit disappointment is real. Sometimes the shiniest, brightest, waxiest apple in the pack, can be rotten the core inside. Other times you can pick the dullest apple, only to take a big bite and be overwhelmed by its deliciousness.

So the question remains, is fruit picking random? Or is there a secret art to picking the best fruit in the pack? We all know what happens when fruit goes bad, so you’ll be glad to know that we’ve brushed up on our fruit picking research, to find some seasoned tricks.

Although we’re often told not to judge by appearance, you really can judge an orange by its cover. Evidently, there are a few elements to watch out for, and this is usually specific to each fruit. These can include the skin color and texture, any discolorations, bruising or spots and picking the ripest fruit at the right season every time. So check out this savvy guide to the delectable world of sweet fruit picking.


While some colorful berries and fruits are seasonal and can hit their peak at particular times of the year, this isn’t the case for bananas. You can actually go bananas and pick them any time of the year and expect to be greeted by a tasty, creamy bite. Still, they do have some tricks up their sleeves.


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Visually speaking, the best ready-to-eat bananas should be a vibrant yellow color, with a full, plump and firm texture. If the bananas have a small green tip at each end, they should ripen in a couple of days. The ones to avoid are those with deep brown spots, broken stems, splits or those with a dull grey color, as they won’t taste as fresh, ripe or juicy.