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Bon Appetit. Weirdest Delicacies from Each State

“There Ain’t No Such Thing as Wrong Food”

It’s time to take a trip around the country and delve into all the most bizarre foods our kind of species like to chow down. The world is full of sumptuous dishes that would appease any food lover out there. However, how daring would you have to be when it comes to certain town delicacies that you couldn’t find on a menu at just any restaurant?


The octopus hot dog at Brothers and Sisters (1770 Euclid St., NW). Photograph by Scott Suchman

Would you like to challenge your palate a bit? There is an entire country full of bizarre foods out there to sample. Here are some of the weirdest and most intriguing dishes from all corners of the country. Although they may not appear to be at all appealing, you’d be surprised at just how creative some of these dishes genuinely are. We’ve compiled a list of the 50 grossest or weirdest dishes from across the country that will really make you wonder.