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Fast-Food Items You Need to Try Before It’s Too Late

Fast-food has been an American staple of life since the industrial revolution. During the industrial productivity growth was exponential. And more productivity means more demand. The high demands of the modern economy were the key player in the fast food industry because people needed something to eat that was cheap and fast. The first fast foods were more straightforward than what we see today. It’s not like a burger became an available daily staple from day one. In the beginning, fast food meant getting a baked potato, or a quick sandwich at the local deli.

Then with gradual immigration to America from around the world the fun stuff, and as Americans started having access to more ingredients, fast food became more and more interesting. With the help of the American dream mentality, fast-food has evolved to what we know today. Anything from cheesesteaks, to quick salads, noodles, to pho. There is always something for anyone, and they can get it fast hot, and ready to eat in just minutes. We have gathered 40 fast food items from menus across the country. They are all unique in their own way, and you need to try them before you can’t! After all, our good health does not last forever.

Let’s Start with the King

More than 11 million people walk through Burger King’s door every day to eat “America’s Favorite Burger.” Many of them are coming to eat the undoubtedly iconic “Whopper Sandwich.”


Source: Shutterstock

The whopper was Burger King’s answer to the McDonalds Big Mack, and it puts up quite the fight. Expect a slightly bigger patty than McDonald’s burgers, with allot of Smokey flavor. You may want to tell them to go light on the condiments because the King is notorious for being a bit too generous.