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How to Get Back in Shape After Pregnancy

The arrival of a baby comes with unwanted baby weight, and many ladies push themselves beyond their limit to get back their shape after pregnancy. However, at times this proves to be difficult despite having a variety of options on how to regain their original shape.

The thought of gaining weight is a nightmare that many pregnant women never want to imagine of. The schemes of how to regain their shape start even before delivery. Much of such focus is on their tummy and the recovery process to shed off that extra weight that makes them look like they are still six months pregnant. With the help of experienced mothers from diverse backgrounds, we have compiled the best top ten ways on how mothers can regain their shape after pregnancy.

Engage in Regular Exercise


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This is a continuous process, and you will have to be patient when you choose to go for it. You can start by doing simple exercise as early as four weeks after delivery. There are several ways of doing this such as engaging in Yoga or ball exercise which will help you lose your tummy. Others include aerobic exercises, running, and biking but these require you to heal first. Depending on the individual’s body weight, these exercises can result in 10-20 pounds (5-10 kg) loss of body weight. Caution should be taken for mothers who delivered through the cesarean session as some of these exercises are very vigorous.