Keeping up With the Kardashian-Jenner Family Fashion Trends

In the celebrity world, there’s one family that always seems to stand out from the rest in terms of style and fashion. They set the trends, they make fashion statements every time they step outside, and they influence the world of style more powerfully and significantly than any other celebrities out there. We’re talking, of course, about the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Kim Kardashian West out and about in New York in 2018. / Kourtney Kardashian out and about in light jeans, a white tank top, and a salmon-colored blazer. / Photos of Kylie Jenner in a red leather suit with black pointed heels. / Caitlyn Jenner in a black and white dotted blouse while filming her E! Docu-series on West Third Street.
Photo by Curtis Means, ACE Pictures, / Source: Tumblr / Kyliejenner, Instagram / Photo by Brewer, Kreusch, Splash News

Their success story really began with the launch of the reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which introduced a global audience to the sisters and half-sisters of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as their friends, boyfriends, and other family members.

Ever since the show became such a smash success, Khloé, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie have led the way in the fashion world, becoming some of the globe’s top models and trendsetters, alongside their parents, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner. Let’s take a closer look at some of their most famous outfits over the years.

Kylie Can’t Get Enough of Animal Print

While Kim K often made the most headlines in the early years of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it’s Kylie Jenner who has set the world alight in recent years by becoming the world’s youngest billionaire, the most influential celebrity in the fashion world, and one of the most popular social media figures too.

Kylie Jenner is posing in a tight leopard print bodysuit next to her car.
Source: KylieJenner / Instagram

Kylie has never shied away from animal print outfits over the years. She once shared some photos on Instagram of her wearing this full wild-style bodysuit, complete with a croc-effect bag and a pair of Nike sneakers. It’s a bold and daring look, but as she so often does, Kylie Jenner makes it work for her in more ways than one.

Khloé Looks Perfect in an All-Black Ensemble

While visiting Malibu, Khloé Kardashian was spotted in this awesome outfit. She’s gone for a fully black ensemble, a timeless classic that is often favored by celebrities and fashionistas, as well as regular members of the public for its sleek, chic qualities. If you choose to wear all black, you need to be careful with the items you select to avoid blending into the background.

Khloe Kardashian with a short tight black dress and a faux fur coat with tall black boots leaving dinner with her family.

Khloé shows us exactly how to rock an all-black look here. She’s wearing a mini black dress with an oversized faux fur coat to give her outfit a range of textures and help her stand out from the crowd. She also has a Louis Vuitton belt, bag, and some tall boots too. The next time you want to try fully black attire, take inspiration from Khloé.

A Cozy Pastel Pink Number

The eldest Kardashian sister Kourtney is blowing us away with this outfit that really makes us wish we had the same at home. It’s a super cozy-looking knit tank top, complete with some cozy knit pants and a super soft robe too, all made by Skims. She finishes the outfit with a pair of white Adidas Yeezy sneakers.

Kourtney Kardashian is sitting on the couch in sneakers and a fluffy light pink outfit.
Source: kourtneykardash / Instagram

Everyone has their own ‘cozy outfit’ they turn to when they’re feeling sleepy or just want to laze around the house, but Kourtney shows us that these kinds of low-key clothes can be incredibly fashionable and stylish, as well as feeling great on our skin and helping us relax. This makes us think totally differently about our most comfortable clothes.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Now let’s take a look at another member of the Kardashian – Jenner clan: Kendall Jenner. While the girls are often seen in black or neutral outfits, they often like to wear bright colors too. They can pretty much make absolutely anything look awesome, as proven here when Kendall appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Kendall Jenner is walking down the stairs on the late-night show with James Cordon.
Photo by Terence Patrick / Courtesy of CBS

For her appearance on the popular late-night talk show, Kendall was seen wearing a Ferragamo multicolor shoe print jumpsuit, plus a pair of Yeezy ankle strap sandals. There’s a lot to love about that jumpsuit, with its vibrant colors and adorable shoe prints helping Kendall to stand out in any crowd and look utterly fabulous in any situation.

Caitlyn Gets a Little Help From Kim

Caitlyn Jenner sure knows how to make a dress work for her. The former Olympic athlete actually had this dress picked out for her by step-daughter Kim Kardashian in time for the ESPY awards It’s an off the shoulder number in white with some gorgeous sandals adorning her feet. Caitlyn, like the other celebrities in attendance at the awards, turned a lot of heads that night.

Caitlyn Jenner at the ESPY awards in 2016.
Photo by Michael Buckner / Variety /

Known as the most famous transgender woman on the planet, Caitlyn Jenner was formerly known as Bruce Jenner and has had six children in total with three different wives. As well as appearing in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Caitlyn had her very own reality show, known as I Am Cait, which ran from 2015 to 2016 and focused on her transition.

Kim K Always Looks Awesome

Here’s Kim Kardashian West herself turning heads and wowing everyone around her, as always, in an all-black ensemble. She was taking a stroll through the trendy neighborhood of Soho at the time, with plenty of photographers and celebrity news lovers following her to snap some photos and see where she was headed next.

Kim Kardashian West was leaving New York Fashion week in 2019.
Photo by Broadimage /

Kim K was actually not all that well known in the past, but the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show really helped bring her into the spotlight. Now, she’s an icon of the fashion and style world, setting the standard for trends and beauty and boasting incredible numbers of followers and fans on social media networks like Twitter and Instagram.

Rocking The Tie Dye

Tie-dye was a really popular effect in the past, and through her incredible Instagram influencer and fashion icon powers, Kylie Jenner managed to bring it back into the spotlight when she shared photos of herself in this awesome, retro style, blue tie-dye dress. It’s a sleek and form-fitting number that really shows off her figure.

Two photographs from Kylie Jenner’s Instagram in her blue dress.
Source: Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Kylie pairs the dress with some fabulous Harry Kotlar earrings, Femme Gigi mules, and a Hermes Kelly silver bag. It’s a shining example of how she’s never afraid to try out new things and surprise us all with her fashion choices, opting for retro and colorful outfits from time to time, as well as keeping up with the latest and greatest creations from leading fashion designers.

Another All-Black Option From Khloé

We saw Khloé Kardashian earlier on sporting an all-black outfit, and here she’s at it again, but with a totally different overall look and feel to her ensemble. This time, Khloé is showing off some skin with that short black leather skirt and a gorgeous turtleneck top. She carries a Hermes Birkin black bag in her right hand and has some Christian Louboutin black pumps adorning her feet.

Khloe Kardashian out in Woodland Hills in January 2020.
Photo by Raak / Jack / Backgrid

Little touches like some Alessandra Rich earrings and Fendi shades complete this outfit, and again we can see how Khloé cleverly uses different textures throughout her outfit to bring the all-black look to life. This is one of the golden rules when wearing the same color throughout your outfit. Always play around with different textures, rather than sticking to the same thing.

Time to Work Out

The Kardashian girls do a whole lot of working out to stay fit, maintain their figures, and live healthy lifestyles. They also love to look good at all times, even when stretching, exercising, doing yoga, and working up a sweat, as we can see here. Kourtney Kardashian shared this photo on Instagram, showing off one of her favorite workout outfits.

Kourtney Kardashian walking around in workout clothing.

For this exercise routine, Kourtney is sporting a cotton plunge bralette and some soft cotton boxers. It’s a super simple outfit that anyone can imitate with ease, and it really feels comfortable to wear, freeing up your limbs and letting your skin breathe as you stretch and follow your usual exercise routine. In short, it’s a top option for any fitness enthusiast.

A Little Snake Skin

Here’s Kendall Jenner once more, offering up a totally fresh and original look for the world to enjoy. She was spotted in this particular outfit while enjoying a day out with Anwar Hadid, escorting her to the car while wearing some very intriguing attire.

Kendall Jenner is wearing a snakeskin short-sleeved shirt and jeans.
Source: Splash News

Here, Kendall is sporting a snake style short-sleeved top that she has matched with a black leather bag, along with a light pair of jeans with a black leather belt and black shoes, plus some stylish sunglasses and earrings too. This definitely isn’t the sort of outfit that most people could afford to wear for a casual day out, but for the Kardashian and Jenner girls, it’s just another amazing outfit in their seemingly endless wardrobes.

Ready for the Party

Caitlyn Jenner was on her way to the 18th birthday celebrations of her daughter, Kylie Jenner, when she was photographed in this super stylish outfit. She’s wearing a navy dress and a fitted leather jacket over her shoulders, complete with a matching leather bag and some particularly fabulous sandals.

Caitlyn Jenner at Kylie’s 18th birthday party in 2015.
Source: Shutterstock

Caitlyn Jenner met Kris Kardashian in the late ‘90s. They only dated for five months before deciding to tie the knot. They had two daughters together, Kendall and Kylie, and Caitlyn also became the step-parent to Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and their brother Robert Kardashian when she married Kris too. The couple got a divorce in 2014, citing irreconcilable differences. It was shortly after this that Caitlyn came out as transgender.

Sparkling and Shimmering

Like a precious gem or shining diamond, Kim Kardashian is shimmering here as she takes a walk through New York City. She just stepped out of a limo and arrived at Cipriani Downtown when this photograph was taken. It shows her in leather pants and a shiny silver tank top, with a classy bob haircut finishing off her look.

Kim Kardashian out and about in New York with a silver shirt and black leather pants.
Photo by Broadimage /

As well as being a fashion icon and trendsetter, Kim K has also established herself as a very successful businesswoman. She launched KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance back in 2017, and then she started the Skims brand in 2019 too. Vogue has called her a ‘pop culture phenomenon,’ while Time magazine has included her on its famous Time 100 list.

Rocking the Red and Black

Certain colors always seem to go well together, even as trends change, and attitudes towards fashion and style evolve over time. Kylie knows this better than anyone and has often been spotted pairing red and black to create some super sexy combinations for parties, dates, and outings with her family and friends.

Kylie Jenner in short black and red dress with a red purse.
Source: Kylie Jenner / Instagram

In this Instagram image, Kylie Jenner was spotted in a gorgeous red and black long sleeve dress, complete with a bright red bag and some classic diamond earring. With looks like this, it’s no surprise that Kylie has been ranked as the most influential celebrity in the entire fashion industry by leading magazines and publications like the New York Post and Forbes.

Ready for a Workout

In the past, if you were heading to the gym for a training session or visiting your local yoga studio, or even just jogging around the block, you had to wear pretty ugly sporty clothes. Now, however, the athletic and leisurewear worlds have been totally revolutionized, giving us way more stylish options than ever before, and we can see a perfect example of that on Khloé Kardashian here.

Khloe Kardashian is hanging out in her activewear, carrying a pair of cleats.
Source: Splash News

Looking ready for a jog, a walk, or some serious lifting, Khloé is seen wearing an Adidas activewear jacket, complete with matching leggings and some Adidas sneakers. She was holding a pair of cleats and was heading back to the gym after the Thanksgiving holiday was over.

An All-Leather Extravaganza

It takes something special to pull off an all-leather look. You need to be so careful with the items of clothing you choose to really make this kind of outfit work, as the wrong choices can leave you simply looking shiny, outdated, and completely unfashionable. Kourtney Kardashian is giving us a course in leather 101 right here with this super stylish leather ensemble.

Kourtney Kardashian dressed in all black holding a Victoria Beckham bag.
Source: kourtneykardash / Instagram

Kourtney was pictured here wearing an Alica and Olivia Karley leather flare wrap coat, complete with some Saint Laurent tall leather boots. With her dark, leather-colored hair flowing down over the shoulders of the coat, Kourtney confidently makes this outfit work for her in all the right ways, proving that leather will never go out of style.

Kendall’s Pink Mini Dress

Kendall Jenner is showing off her stick-thin legs and arms in this outfit, which she sported while attending the famous Art Basel Miami show in December of 2019. Kendall turned up for the big art event wearing a little pink dress and some oversized earrings. She also wore some crystal-studded mules to complete the look.

Kendall Jenner out for the night in a short pink dress.
Source: Pinterest

Kendall Jenner is a giant of the fashion world. She’s worked in countless print campaigns and photoshoots over the years, being matched with high-end fashion designers in the big cities of Paris, Milan, and New York. She’s been a cover artist for LOVE and Vogue, as well as strutting her stuff on the catwalk for the likes of Victoria’s Secret. In fact, she was named the world’s highest-earning model in 2017.

Polka Dot Perfection

There’s something wonderfully timeless about polka dots. You can wear little dots or big dots or medium size dots and always look great, with style never ever seeming to go out of fashion. Caitlyn Jenner was making the dots work for her with this cute little outfit while preparing for her new TV show in Los Angeles.

Caitlyn Jenner in a black and white dotted blouse while filming her E! Docu-series on West Third Street.
Photo by Brewer / Kreusch / Splash News

While Caitlyn’s daughters and step-daughters often steal the spotlight with their flawless gowns and elaborate outfits, she often prefers to keep things simple in the clothes she chooses. She can wear some gorgeous designer dresses too, but she is most often spotted in regular, day to day outfits that anyone could enjoy, inspiring a lot of older people to imitate her style.

Out on the Town

Here we can see Kim K and her husband, Kanye West, out for a night together in the summer of 2019. The pair were spotted in downtown Los Angeles, with Kim wearing a gorgeous, skin-tight outfit that really shows off all of her figure. Her snake-style top shimmers in the light while her leather pants add a futuristic edge to the outfit.

Kim Kardashian is leaving Catch in LA.
Photo by Broadimage /

Kim and Kanye started dating in early 2012. She was still married to Kris Humphries at the time, but the pair were going through a divorce. Once the divorce was finalized, it didn’t take long for Kim and Kanye to announce their engagement. They married in May of 2014 in the beautiful Tuscan setting of Florence, Italy.

Dressed To Impress

Outfits of all the same color can seem like a daring choice, but if there’s one young woman who knows how to make them work, it has to be Kylie Jenner. Here, she was seen wearing an all-red combination of crocodile-embossed shirt and high rise pants. The texture of this attire really accentuates the overall look, and Kylie added a Christian Dior clutch and Balenciaga earrings to complete the ensemble.

Photos of Kylie Jenner in a red leather suit with black pointed heels.
Source: kyliejenner / Instagram

Kylie has always been the baby of the family. She was the youngest daughter of Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner, and all of her Kardashian half-sisters are older than her too. She was born on August 10 of 1997, and attended Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, taking part in the cheerleading squad and performing in school plays too.

As White as Snow

Here’s Khloé Kardashian again, showing off her flawless figure with a stunning all-white bodysuit. It’s a Good American bodysuit, part of Khloé’s own fashion brand, and it looks fabulous with that turtleneck finish. Khloé has chosen to pair her bodysuit with a pair of Gianvito Rossi leather sandals and poses beautifully in an elegant outdoor setting for this Instagram snap.

Khloe Kardashian in a white bodysuit.
Source: khloekardashian / Instagram

Right now, Khloé is one of the most popular young women in the world, but it wasn’t always that way for her. She has often spoken about her troubled high school years, where she had no friends and often felt left out. This led to her leaving high school early and decided to be home-schooled instead.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a timeless classic of the fashion world, but there are little black dresses, and then there’s this one! Kourtney Kardashian became queen of the little black dress when this photo was shared, showing the eldest of the three Kardashian girls in one of the most fabulous black dresses we’ve ever seen.

Kourtney Kardashian out and about in Los Angeles in 2016.
Photo by Broadimage /

Kourtney’s dress has silver accents and lace around the stomach. She matches it with a beautiful white clutch and black pointed heels. While some of the other girls in the Kardashian – Jenner, Kylie, and Kim often make the most headlines, Kourtney continues to prove that she can set fashion trends just as well as her siblings.

A Simple Look for Everyday Life

Many of the outfits sported by the Kardashian and Jenner sisters seem to be made for fashion shoots and catwalks at big events, but they also wear a lot of casual, simple clothes for day to day life, just like everyone else. We can see a lovely example of that here, as Kendall Jenner was photographed in this ensemble while taking a walk in West Hollywood.

Kendall Jenner out and about in a white shirt and dark jeans.
Source: Tumblr

For this outfit, Kendall is wearing a very attractive white buttoned top with some Yeezy gray jeans. She adds a pair of rectangle sunglasses and some Dr. Martens to finish off her look. This just goes to show that even when they’re wearing the sort of regular clothes of everyday folks, the Kardashian Jenner girls look just as fabulous as ever.

An All-Black Outfit for Caitlyn

Caitlyn had been invited to dine at Eva Longoria’s restaurant in Hollywood when she was photographed in this lovely outfit. We’ve seen some of the other girls opting for all-black ensembles, and Caitlyn is setting a great example and showing the others how it’s done here too with this choice of attire. She looks fabulous, all ready for a great night out.

Caitlyn Jenner dressed in all black having dinner at Eva Longoria’s restaurant Beso.
Source: Splash

After coming out as a Trans woman, Caitlyn was interviewed and said that hair, makeup, and choosing what to wear was one of the things she initially struggled with after her transition. She’s done a great job figuring it all out in the years since then, often being cited as one of the best-dressed women in the world.

Out of This World

When Kim K takes to the streets, you can be sure that photographers are always standing by to snap photos and share her latest outfits with the world. This colorful number was spotted on Kim’s fabulous figure in the summer of 2019 as she was walking around Los Angeles. It’s a really unique dress with bright yellow and green coloring.

Kim Kardashian West in a green and yellow dress out and about in LA.
Photo by RHTY /

Kim is used to all the media attention. Her father, Robert Kardashian, was famously the defense attorney for O J Simpson during his 1995 murder trial, so she’s always been in the spotlight in one way or another. In 2015, she was reported to be the highest-paid reality TV personality on the planet, earning more than $53 million in total.

Cozy at Christmas

Now here’s a super cute photo we can all enjoy of Kylie Jenner. While she’s usually seen in dresses and fancy designer outfits for parties and fashion shows, this photo gives us a glimpse into her home life, where she’s celebrating the festive season with her daughter, Stormi Webster. The mother and daughter duo are sharing a loving kiss while sitting beside the Christmas tree.

Kylie Jenner and her daughter turned around wearing matching Christmas outfits.
Source: KylieJenner / Instagram

This adorable image shows Kylie in her pajamas and slippers, matching perfectly with little Stormi too. The PJs in question are Christmas themed, attractively decorated with different festive pictures like trees, nutcracker dolls, and stockings. Kylie is also wearing a cozy pair of Christmas slippers that are decorated with red and white candy canes.

A Daring Outfit for a Big Event

The Kardashian sisters and the Jenner girls have never been afraid of wearing daring and revealing outfits from time to time. They often make headlines for the clothes they choose to wear, especially during big celebrity events where they always seem to steal the spotlight. This photo was taken at the People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica in 2019 and showed Khloé in an outstanding outfit that quickly catches the eye.

Khloe Kardashian at the People’s Choice Awards in 2019.
Photo by CraSH /

Here, Khloé is wearing a very expensive and totally unique LaQuan Smith dress with a stack of cash clutch bag and some Jimmy Choo sandals. It’s definitely a bold and daring look that leaves little to the imagination, but it’s this sort of sexy outfit that has helped to define the careers of the Kardashian girls.

Playing With Textures

One top rule of modern fashion is to play around with different textures. If you can find a good top and a pair of pants made with different materials, you might just have the foundation for an awesome outfit. That’s exactly what Kourtney Kardashian is showing us here with this awesome but simple ensemble.

Kourtney Kardashian is leaving her grandmothers' house in a grey shirt and black leather pants.
Source: Pinterest

Here, while taking a stroll around downtown Los Angeles, Kourtney was spotted wearing some leather pants and a cropped long sleeve top. She finished the look off with some Yeezy wedge sandals. Looks and outfits like this one are just right for a day around town, and this is just one example of how Kourtney made such a big impact on the fashion industry, launching her own clothing lines with the help of big brand designers.

An All Blue Ensemble

Kendall Jenner must have been feeling in a particularly blue mood on the day this photo was taken. She’s wearing a totally blue outfit, starting off with a Kanye West Jesus Is King long sleeve sweater and a pair of Levi’s jeans. She adds some simple Adidas white sneakers and Carolina Lemke x KKW Dusk sunglasses to finish the look off.

Kendall Jenner is wearing a Kanye West sweater with blue jeans.
Source: Pinterest

With this clothing selection, Kendall Jenner is showing us how you are supposed to make an outfit using just one color. The key is to experiment with different shades and tones of that color to make your outfit’s elements stand out individually, rather than having them all blend together as one. Note the difference in tone between the jeans and the sweater.

Lovely in Lace

This is actually one of the promo shots for Caitlyn Jenner’s own reality TV show, I Am Cait. For this promo, Caitlyn was seen wearing a very elegant and graceful navy dress that flattered her figure. It has a lovely lace pattern on the back with some very intricate detail too.

Caitlyn Jenner in a navy blue dress for a photoshoot with E!
Source: James White / E!

I Am Cait followed Caitlyn’s journey through her gender transition. It was an eight-part show that debuted on July 26th, 2015, on the E! network. It gave the world a fascinating look at the challenges people like Caitlyn can face when going through a gender transition in terms of sharing the news with their friends and family and having to see how other people react to their change.

The Center Of Attention

There’s no way that Kim K couldn’t be the center of attention after dressing up like this! She arrived at the Up And Down club in New York City with her husband, Kanye West, sporting this astonishing outfit that almost seems like it was taken from a sci-fi story or superhero comic book.

Kim and Kanye arriving at the Met Gala after-party in New York.
Photo by Amanda Jones /

Kim looks utterly stunning here. Her silver hair shimmers in the light while her blue dress, boots, and gloves flatter every single inch of her figure. Even Kanye West, who is normally the center of attention anywhere he goes, seems to blend into the background when standing next to his fashionable wife. This has gone down in the history books as one of Kim Kardashian’s most incredible outfit choices of recent years.

A Classic Christmas Onesie

We saw Kylie Jenner with some awesome Christmas pajamas alongside her daughter, Stormi, earlier on, and here’s another cute Christmas look from the fashion icon. Here, instead of pajamas, Kylie has opted for an adorable onesie and some fun Christmas socks. The onesie is a Santa-suit style, complete with a big black belt around the midriff and a fluffy white collar.

Kylie Jenner with her friends dressed in red onesies with white fur around them.
Source: kyliejenner / Instagram

One of the things that fans love the most about Kylie is how she’s always willing to share little intimate moments of her life with them on social media networks like Instagram. She’s often photographed out and about in the city or on the catwalk, but she also gives us a glimpse into her home life and proves that, just like everyone else, she enjoys getting cozy with a onesie too.

Girl About Town

Here’s another awesome outfit from none other than Khloé Kardashian. While she has often been featured in revealing dresses and daring gowns, Khloé can also regularly be spotted in classic city outfits, perfect for days out with friends or shopping trips with her sisters, just like this one here. This look can easily be imitated with cheaper alternatives, but Khloé, as usual, goes for the big brands in her selections.

Khloe Kardashian out and about in New York in August 2018.
Photo by Broadimage /

In this photo, captured in Calabasas, Khloé is wearing a cozy-looking pullover, a plaid shirt tied around her waist, and black leggings, playing around with soft and silky textures throughout her ensemble. She’s always been a master of accessories, as we can see here an olive green Birkin bag, and some Yeezy sneakers too.

All Eyes on Her

The Kardashian and Jenner girls are used to being the center of attention. The eyes of the world have been locked firmly on them all, ever since their reality TV show first began, and they still know how to make a big entrance at any event and turn heads with their amazing attire choices and flawless outfits. Kourtney’s dress here is a perfect example of that.

Kourtney Kardashian is posing on her dark wooden steps with a long black dress on.
Source: kourtneykardash / Instagram

Kourtney is seen wearing an Olivier Theyskens bustier dress with some Manolo Blahnik sandals to complete the look. She’s opted for some striking pieces of jewelry to enhance her appeal and chosen a bold shade of lipstick to draw attention upwards to her face. It’s an absolute master class in how to look your best and make a classic black dress turn into something truly special.

A Sporty Look for Kendall

The Kardashian – Jenner girls know how to make any look work for them, even something as simple as a tank top and leggings. It’s the sort of outfit we all throw on from time to time, either while lounging around the house or when going to the gym or for a jog around the block. It’s a basic and simple look in many ways, but Kendall Jenner manages to elevate it here.

Kendall Jenner out in LA.
Source: Tumblr

For this outfit, Kendall has chosen some Arkyn Runner sneakers, a classic pair of rectangular shades she often seems to wear, a Christian Dior multicolor printed bag, a classic white tank top, and some long, sleek leggings. That’s all she needs to look amazing, proving that you don’t need to have fancy high-end dresses to look your best.

A Splash of Color

Here’s Caitlyn Jenner once more with a lovely little outfit that definitely caught the attention of anyone who saw it. She stepped out of this building, wearing a tailored jacket and a colorful mini dress covered with sequins. It’s a really flattering and unique look, showing off Caitlyn’s love of eclectic attire and ever-evolving fashion sense.

Caitlyn Jenner out and about in New York in 2015.
Photo by Broadimage /

Ever since she came out in 2015, Caitlyn Jenner has been a real role model and leading light in the eyes of many Trans people and members of the LGBTQ community in general. She’s helped to encourage more debate and progressive attitudes towards gender transitions and has worked together with different brands and charities to help improve transgender rights too.

Pure Pink Perfection

Sometimes, a little pink is all you need for an awesome outfit, as proved by Kim Kardashian here. She was out and about with her daughter, who was wearing a similar yellow outfit when they were photographed. She’s wearing a fluorescent pink jacket and pants combo that would definitely help her stand out in any crowd or situation.

Kim Kardashian West out and about in New York in 2018.
Photo by Curtis Means /

Kim Kardashian is known for taking fashion to the next level and always killing it. Not only is she a successful businesswoman, but she’s also decided to train to become a lawyer. She announced that she was undertaking a four-year law apprenticeship with the hopes of becoming a lawyer in the not too distant future, so we could soon see Kim K arriving in the courtroom too.

Pretty In Pastels

Kylie Jenner is such a beautiful woman, and she can make any look work. No matter what colors or tones she chooses, it always seems to look flawless and inspires her millions of followers to head out to the shops and try to find similar clothes so they can imitate the star they admire so much. This is one of Kylie’s most iconic looks of recent times: a full pastel outfit.

Kylie Jenner in a puffy winter coat with multiple pastel colors and matching pants with a small pink handbag.
Source: kyliejenner / Instagram

In this Instagram image, we can see Kylie wearing a rainbow of pastel colors across a puffer jacket, a wrap top, and some tie-dye pants. She finishes it off with a pastel pink Hermes Kelley mini bag. The pastel tones all blend together in a rainbow of beautiful hues, bringing out Kylie’s skin tone and perfect makeup.

Soft and Smooth

Khloé often tests out clothes of totally different textures, frequently being sighted in the attire of all kinds of materials and playing around with a multitude of fabrics to give her looks an extra edge. This outfit seems simple at first glance, but it just seems to get deeper and deeper the more you look at it.

Khloe Kardashian at the LAX International Airport in 2018.
Photo by Broadimage /

Khloé has been pictured here in a pair of velvet leggings with a silky smooth velvet zip-up also, revealing her perfectly toned legs. She completes the look with some oversized Christian Dior shades, silver bracelets, and Adidas Yeezy sneakers. Once again, Khloé is showing us exactly how to rock a casual athletic look, perfect for working out, running through the airport, or walking around the block.

Chilling in the City

Kourtney Kardashian is back at it again with a flawless inner-city look we all want to replicate. It’s amazing to see how the Kardashian and Jenner girls manage to take relatively simple outfits and transform them in such unexpected ways into looks that seem to belong on the catwalk. That’s exactly what Kourtney, the eldest of the Kardashian girls, has managed to do here.

Kourtney Kardashian out and about in light jeans, a white tank top, and a salmon-colored blazer.
Source: Tumblr

While walking around downtown Los Angeles, Kourtney was seen in this pair of ripped jeans, a white tank top, and a pink blazer draped charmingly over her shoulders. She adds some gorgeous shades and Bottega Veneta sandals to finish the outfit, and it’s utterly flawless from every angle. It’s no surprise that Kourtney is considered the ultimate style icon by millions of people worldwide.

Ready for Fashion Week

The Kardashian and Jenner girls have often made all-black outfits work for them in some surprising and inventive ways, and we can see another amazing example of that here from Kendall Jenner. She was spotted in this particular outfit while browsing the Balenciaga store in New York City, clearly getting herself in the mood for NYC’s world-famous fashion week.

Kendall Jenner out in a short black dress in New York.
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Kendall’s outfit is dominated by the delicate black shirt dress that covers most of her body, paired with some tall black boots from Jacquemus Les Bottes and a STAUD moon bag over her shoulder. Just like her sisters and other family members, Kendall’s clothing choices inspire fashion trends all over the world, and many people started searching for similar black shirt dresses after seeing this outfit online.