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Welcome to Her Humble Abode: She Turned an Old Bus into a Surprisingly Chic Apartment

Do any of you consider yourselves to be good interior designers? Now, if you’re anything like me, you like to rearrange the furniture around in your apartment to get a new look and feel every once in a while. But have you ever taken an old and dumpy place and made it into something completely different? What about a bus? I’m going to safely assume that close to none of you took an old bus and made it into your home. And not just any home – a beautiful one!


Source: livinginashoebox.com

Someone who really took her knack for home-decorating to the next level was Jessie Lipskin. With a mind as creative as hers, the possibilities are endless. And the proof is in these photos! After finding an old bus online, she immediately knew what she wanted to do. Who really needs a realtor these days anyway? She went to work, transforming this bus, and the results stunned us all. Here’s the full story.